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2000  Establishment of ㈜Hyundai Calibration and Certification Technology

2002  HCT R&D Center established

2004  Received Presidential Award in the 34th Precision Technology Promotion Competition (Nano Particle Counter)

2006  Received Award from Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy in the 36th Precision Technology Promotion Competition in Measurement and Measurement Instrument Development

2006  Received Medium to Small Enterprise INNO-BIZ

2007  Renamed to HCT Co., Ltd

2008  Received ISO 9001 / 14001 Accreditation

2008  Selected as Gyeonggi Providence Prospective Medium to Small Enterprise

2012  Established HCT Instrument in USA (Particle Counter sales)

2013  Received Presidential Award during World Standard Day

2015  Supplied largest Chronic Inhalation Toxicity Test Facility in Korea to Korean Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA)

2015  Spin off from HCT, HCTM established

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